St Peter’s Church/Youth Centre, Walworth

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Project: St Peters Church/Youth Centre, Walworth
Architect: Peter Reed Associates
Project Description: The crypt of this magnificent church by Sir John Soane, best known as the Architect for the Bank of England, has beed painstakingly restored and re-planned to provide a Learning, Arts and Community Centre – in spire – for local people. The difficulties the design and construction team have overcome were considerable in carrying out this sensitive reconstruction particularly as the Church is the last building attributable to Soane without alteration; as such it is jealously guarded by the custodians if its Grade 1 Listed status. In spire was opened by Harrier Harman MP and consecrated by his Grace The Archbishop of Canterbury in November 2003. The KUT Partnership are inspired to have been involved as M&E Services Consulting Engineers in this very worthwhile project. For more information about In Spire, email