Business of Building Episode 3 available with our FHP ESS Chairman Dave Forster

15 Aug 2022

BUSINESS OF BUILDING Episode 3 – Past and Future of Building Services is now live featuring our very own FHP ESS Chairman Dave Forster!

In episode 3 of the Business of Building podcast, Gauri Talathi- Lamb Lamb is joined by Dave Forster, the Chairman of FHP Engineering Services Solutions – a dynamic property engineering and sustainability services support in the real estate space. FHP ESS was, and still is, at the forefront of the economic movement toward private real estate investment and ownership.

Dave started his career at the Brightside engineering company at age 16, later moving on to the NHS and MOD as an engineering manager. His experience in the life cycles of buildings beyond completion and occupation would be the bedrock of his future career.

He is now one of the owners of FHP and in this fascinating conversation, you’ll get an insight into his incredible 45 year career in the real estate engineering industry.
This is one not to be missed!

You can listen to the show below: