BUSINESS OF BUILDING Podcast goes live

12 Aug 2022

Our Commercial Director Gauri Talathi- Lamb has just launched a new podcast called “The Business of Building”.

Gauri is an engineer, project manager, business owner, CEO, wife, and mother. She’s also an ordinary girl from an ordinary suburb in Mumbai and her new podcast celebrates the normal and the regular; the inspiring risk taker and the dreamer in all of us.

You’ll hear from those who have walked the path before us and dared to dream. We will hear their journey, their stories, and what they learned along the way.

Who do you know who needs to hear this?
Go check it out today and I know she would love it if you would share, follow and leave a review on Apple Podcasts!

This is an important show and message that needs to out far and wide for as many as possible to hear.

You can listen to the show below:


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