Energy Surveys

FHP ESS provide an external view of how energy is being used and where savings may be achieved in the future. From the simplest “walk-through” observational survey FHP ESS can agree with each client the level of survey which will provide management information and feasible engineering solutions to achieve measurable reductions in energy use. Where a client has particularly energy intensive systems or processes FHP ESS can focus on these in greater detail.

Air Conditioning System Inspections

Air conditioning systems can account for 50% of the energy used in a building, and are therefore specifically targeted in the new legislation. FHPess are here to help you comply with EPBD Article 9 and the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations. The Article 9 Air Conditioning Inspection is gaining recognition as an excellent tool to help you identify energy-saving opportunities. It often pays for itself in just a few weeks when no and low-cost measures identified during the inspection are implemented. The aims of the inspection are to:

► Provide building owners/operators with information about system performance, and
► Identify opportunities to reduce your CO2 emissions and save energy and money

The output of the inspection will be a report highlighting measures which, if adopted, will have the potential to save energy and money within a reasonable payback period. Inspection reports will remain valid for five years, after which the system will require another inspection.

Which systems require inspection?

All air conditioning systems over 12k/w are now required to have a certificate of inspection, trading standards have the power to fine any individual or company that does not posses a valid certificate. As a rough guide to the size of an air conditioning system within a building, a 12 k/w system would be enough to condition 100 m2 of floor area.

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