Working Post Covid

17 Aug 2020

2020 has been far from a normal year so far in some pretty major ways and as we hopefully begin to see our way out of it over the next 6-9 months every business needs to optimise its financial position.

For many businesses the premises you occupy can be amongst one of the largest overheads. The working from home experience for many businesses has forced us to look at just how much traditional office space we need and the potential for reducing it and making more efficient use of it.

If this causes you to look around to see what options are available then don’t forget the importance of the engineering services in that decision. When looking at alternative premises it is important to do your Due Diligence and this should always include a good look at the M&E services. All too often complaints during occupation relate to M&E and the best chance of avoiding this is to have them inspected at the outset before you put pen to paper.

So don’t underestimate the value of including an M&E inspection as part of your Due Diligence process and with nearly 50 years’ experience and full national coverage FHP ESS can tailor a survey to suit your requirements so please do not hesitate to contact us.